Giving Teens a Way Out

I recently read an article called, The X-Plan: Giving Your Kids A Way Out. It basically sets out a plan for your kids that at anytime, they can text an “x” and a family member will call them within five minutes. During the call, the family member will say the teen needs to come home for a family matter. This plan is designed to give kids a way to get out uncomfortable or unsafe situations in a discreet manner.

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One important component is the agreement that when the teen is picked up, they are able to tell their parents as much or as little about why they texted.

Although I would want to know the details – I think this part of the plan is so important. Teens need to know that they won’t get in trouble and that their safety is your first priority.

However, I will say – there are circumstances where I might need more information as a parent. I think its always important to use discretion.

What do you think? Is this something you would implement in your family?

For more information check out the full article here: The X-Plan.

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